Congratulations Lady Boss here's how to fast track your Next Level Success!

  1. Email me If you're not able to log into the membership academy ASAP (PLEASE NOTE:if you join after 11pm CST you will be added first thing in the morning after 8am CST)
  2. Join our daily Lady Boss chat room! If you are looking for some serious laugh, love, and biz advice 24/7 THIS chat room is where you want to be! There's always a lady boss awake no matter what time it is lol (seriously)
  3. Join our Lady Boss Levels private community and ENGAGE!!! 
  4. Watch past Masterclasses as deem fitting to your business solution!
  5. Watch past MasterMIND sessions with a notebook and pen and get ready to write down nuggets of information for your business
  6. Add the next MasterMIND session to your business calendar and bring your business bumps with you so we can help smooth them out during our session!
  7. Participate in our daily group themes with other lady bosses - this will be GOLDEN!